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The business school earned the accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) which is world’s premier business school accreditation agency. It is offering various courses such as Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor in Administration, Co-op Education, International Study Abroad, Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management Program etc.
It is three-year program which consists 90 credits. In order to take admission of this course, the students must complete 42-credit core with the period of three years. The 1st year consists 24 credits, 2nd year costs 15 credits and 3rd year with 3 credits. The three year program consists 4 semesters.
In the 1st semester of 1st year, the coverage of syllabus inclusive of contemporary business thinking, business communication, business statistics and financial accounting. The subject of Business thinking covers in depth reading of several business books in order to explore the business writing and to have atmosphere of business. It is good topic and required too. With respect to the subject of Business communication, the syllabus covers written and oral communications that are required compulsory for every student those are studying the course.
As far as the subject of Business Statistics, it includes fundamentals of statistics, techniques of descriptive statistics, theory of probability etc. the level of knowledge is not enough with respect to the syllabus of Business Statistics as these are to be covered at high school level. Hence the level should be increased.
The important subject is Financial Accounting which covers the accountancy. Since it is primary subject and require in depth knowledge. But the syllabus covers accounting principles, disclosures that are required at the end of the financial statements. Hence change of syllabus required in this regard.
In case of 2nd semester of 1st year, it consists of 4 subjects i.e. Analysis of Markets, Organizational Bheaviour and Theory, Marketing Manager and Product & Operations Management. The syllabus of Analysis of Market covers product, labour and financial products. Besides it covers various topics includes interest rates, inflation, market integration etc. But such depth of knowledge cannot be grasped by the undergraduate student. Actually this topic supposed to be developed in higher level courses.
The next subject is Organizational Behavior and Theory. In this subject the syllabus designed to provide the originations structure and its analysis. It includes also personality, motivation, leadership, group behavior, goals etc. It is very understandable and relevant to the level of study. Hence it is recommended.
The syllabus covers another subject i.e. marketing. The syllabus of Marketing indicates the develop of marketing strategy and its components relates to small and international environments. It can be understandable by the level of student and it is recommended.

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