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Why do many intelligent, talented people under-earn? What is the psychology behind why people short-change themselves, earn less than they are capable, and experience financial problems because their needs exceed their income?

We create money problems by resisting how much cash we allow to flow into our lives. There is no shortage of money, but a reluctance to feel worthy to receive it, even if it means extreme hardship. This is “money resistance.”

Money resistance, then, is the sub-conscious reluctance to earn more money. It is also a desire to hoard money because you feel insecure about your ability to earn more. In either case, you associate pain to money and try to avoid dealing with it.

You have money resistance when your expenses exceed your income, you feel panicked about how to pay your coming expenses, and you feel uncreative and unresourceful about how to make any more money. You also lack the drive or will to explore how to solve your problem. You have a general feeling of apathy about what to do.

Money resistance is created by the subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind, which is about 90% or more of your mind, runs you–although, you may believe you are 100% conscious. You are run by your moods, feelings, and past traumas. In the past, when you associated any kind of pain in relationship to money, your subconscious mind tried to keep you safe by trying to bring less money into your life. Thus, you have a reluctance to earn it, save it, and even spend it. There is a general feeling of discomfort around money. You’d rather not deal with it.

You know you have money resistance if you are low on money and feel the pinch.

Most people like to point out their lack of opportunities. But if the world had a dearth of opportunities, then poverty would exist for everyone. However, many people earn large amounts of money. Thus, making money is an inner game. When you feel good about serving others, they gladly pay you for it. If this is not the case, you are either not serving others or associating with negative people. Something needs to shift within you to motivate you to find the right work and be with the right people.

It is ironic that people resist money when they need it–but this is something that happens at the sub-conscious level, not at the conscious level.

It is because money is a highly-emotionally charged subject. This charge creates a strong effect on the subconscious mind. Since most of this charge is negative, that is, pain associated with handling money, a defense mechanism of avoidance kicks in. All of this happens below the threshold of conscious awareness. On the surface of things, people appear to be struggling really hard to make a small amount of money. Yet if making money had to do with hard work, ditch diggers would be millionaires. Making money is a creative act. You have to dig into your well-spring of ideas and energy to start earning more. You can start to retrain your subconscious mind to start working in alignment with your conscious desires. When it does, you will be amazed at your own resourcefulness.

The first impact of healing a money wound is that it will improve your job performance. It will also allow you to be more resourceful in finding or creating a new job if you don’t like your current work.

When you change within, your outer world changes. You become more creative, more resourceful, more outgoing, more giving. You also stop deleting all those opportunities for further education or creative self-expression that you automatically and habitually delete. Once you uproot the reluctance to earn money, you are open to looking at your environment and your relationship to other people in a whole new way.

The only way to get control back, even if things are currently out of control, is by becoming more conscious of what is sabotaging you from within. By uprooting your beliefs about money, beliefs that you don’t even know you have, you start to move in the direction of being resourceful and taking steps to improve your situation.

I was exposed to “money resistance” when working with clients in a therapeutic practice. In that setting, you get to unravel the blocks and inhibitions in people’s subconscious minds. Therapy is bringing the hidden fears into the light of awareness, so that the person can then move beyond it. One of the biggest problems people have is insufficient income to meet their needs. However, once the root cause is pulled up to the conscious mind, you automatically let go of it.

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